Find out a little bit about each of us and what drives us to be the best pilots and instructors we can be!

Jessica Robinson
Owner and Flight Instructor

At age 17 I began my adventure of becoming a pilot here in Lancaster flying a Bell 47. I obtained my private pilot license in helicopter and airplanes and then moved to Texas for university. Five years later I was back in PA, with a husband and two small children in tow. I have since expanded my career to included jets, which I fly as my full time job. I started this company to provide quality instruction and piloting services. I am passionate about giving others the opportunity to achieve their goals in aviation, whether that's a discovery flight or becoming a full-time pilot!


Darren Lucas 
Chief Instructor

My flying career started right here at the Lancaster Airport instructing in Bell 47s. I have had the opportunity to fly a wide range of aircraft and operations, including offshore oil rig flying in the Gulf of Mexico, tours to glaciers in Alaska, news gathering, and medevac. Having expanded my aviation experience into airplanes, I now have the opportunity to fly jets and helicopters in professional settings for several different companies. Bringing this expertise back into the training environment is my goal as an instructor and pilot.


Kris Keller

I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania, and have many memories of visiting airports and occasionally flying with friends and family. I began flight training in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the challenges and new experiences that aviation has brought into my life. Over the years I have become particularly fascinated with the critical roles that helicopters bring to those in need. Being a flight instructor has allowed me to a part of something very special, and I’m proud to watch my students knowledge, confidence, and experience culminate in realizing their dreams of becoming a pilot.


Ethan Crane
Commercial Pilot

More info coming soon!

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