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Become a Pilot.

Private Pilot

The first step in becoming a pilot. No matter if your long term goal is to fly yourself and friends around for fun or you want to make this your career, obtaining a private pilots license is where you'll start!

Instrument Pilot

Low clouds? Visibility not the best? No problem! You'll be trained on how to deal with it all as you get your instrument rating. The instrument rating is a perfect second step, even if you aren't career minded. Improve your skills and safety margins!

Commercial Pilot

Get paid to fly! Start to see your dreams of being a professional pilot realized. This is where it all starts to come together. You'll be pushed to a higher level of understanding and improve your skills.

Certificated Flight Instructor

Frequently the first job of many pilots, share your passion with others. Being a flight instructor will not only allow you to build hours and hone your skills as a pilot, but will give you a much greater understanding of how an aircraft works. 

Certificated Flight

Instructor Instrument

Teach others to fly in the clouds. An excellent way to continue improving you instrument skills and quickly becoming a highly desired qualification for job applicants.​

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